I often hear people comment and deliberate over the sheer amount of psychic’s there are to choose from, well my answer to this is “yes there are thousands but out of these thousands there are hundreds of fakes”. Being a genuine and gifted professional psychic I wanted to tell you what to look for and how to go about choosing the right psychic for you and your needs. Our laws and regulations are that you must be over the age of 18 years and that all readings that are performed must be viewed as “for entertainment purposes only” and this is because of the laws of the land and not normally any general opinion of the psychic reader.

A genuine psychic should be someone who is able to offer you guidance in a spiritual and settling way and there are no set rules or regulations how each individual psychic does their work, for instance, it may be they work with your energy, use their spirit guides, work with divine methods such as angel and tarot cards or other useful items for giving good solid readings. When people contact a psychic it is usually because they are feeling low, nervous, anxious or excited about a certain situation that is or may happen to them. For example, you may have a love/relationship question such as “will my husband come back to me?” Or “I am in a relationship with two people and I don’t know who to choose?” Obviously the one ideal person for you to turn to is a psychic who can pick up on your energy and work with it to give you the guidance and settlement that you are looking for.

A good psychic will only ever need to ask you very general questions surrounding your situation and should be able to tune into your situation with ease. It is never advisable to test a psychic with asking questions that you know are not real or genuine because she or he may pick up on a different energy that will completely confuse your reading as it progresses and psychics are not “mind readers”. Always feel at ease with whoever you choose and when booking or speaking to your psychic make sure that it is you who wants to have the reading carried out and under no circumstances feel pressured into it. A genuine psychic will never be afraid to talk about their experience and how they do their readings with you, so never be afraid to ask questions. If a psychic is unwilling to offer any kind of response to anything particular that you ask of them in connection to the reading then my advice would be to pleasantly decline having the reading and look elsewhere.

Make sure you are totally open to hear answers and guidance from your psychic reader that you may or may not wish to hear and a good psychic will tell you exactly what they sense or see or hear whether this is not what you expected and it is never wise for a psychic to tell a client exactly what they want to hear because this is not only false but also does not make a true psychic. Always be prepared to ask your questions in as much depth as possible because you may only get short answers if you do not as a psychic works with the energy they pick up. Always try to relax, be honest and let your psychic do their job, this is what you are paying them on a professional level to do. Most psychics of today do not discuss medical, legal, children or pregnancies or financial gains (ie lottery wins) with their clients for obvious reasons and also the fact that they are not professionals in those capacities.

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