Our world today is reclaiming back all its old lost knowledge and using the same to help us in our lives and numerology is one of the oldest sciences from the time of Pythagoras.

Physics and Chemistry is based on mathematics and biology and Psychology is based on Physics and Chemistry, thus this makes numerology the base for all sciences.

We use numbers in everyday of our lives, Each digit of the alphabet has a number assigned to it, It even rules astrology as the Sun, Moon and other planets, all have numbers assigned to them and have known to influence everyone on Earth.

Everybody wants luck in their favor, and that too is ruled by numbers, There are three main numbers that influence your life, Birth date, Life path number(By adding all the numbers of the date/month/year of birth ), and the numbers that add up to make your name… Thus all the hulahoo behind changing names or adding an additional alphabet to increase your ‘luck factor’

It may seem all hokey pokey to change names and do specific things on specific dates etc., however it is a very deep rooted science, It is there not only in our ved’s but also the Tarot which originated in Egypt is based on numbers, Greece’s Pythagoras held numbers in very high esteem, likewise with native Americans and all the ancient cultures around the world. It got lost somewhere over time and now is understood by those who have studied the same in great depth.

There is always an external or say paranormal force that brings us luck.

We cannot change what has happened in the past, but by knowing this science and understanding how numbers affect us, we can use them to understand our strength and weaknesses and thus be on the right side of luck.

Numerology, which is a part of astrology is study of numbers and science that describes the influence of the heavenly bodies upon mundane affairs and our life in general. Numerology indicates what is likely to happen and its preventing measures.

Numerology can guide us about our character, talents, purpose in life etc.

Here is a brief of what all the numbers and alphabets mean, there are two schools of numerology as well, some take number 9 out of the general calculation whereas some include it

What does your number says?

BIRTH DATES: 1, 10, 19 and 28
Numerology 1 belongs to sun and the ones who are born on these dates are ruled by sun.
These people have great vitality of life. That is why they do not pressurized by the work load.
They have leadership qualities, will power and are confident, Also they are more creative and original in handling their work.

BIRTH DATES: 2, 11, 20 and 29
Numerology 2 belongs to moon and the ones who are born on these dates are ruled by moon.
Living style and atmosphere have extreme effects on them. They should avoid cool and dark places.
They are emotional, warmhearted very sensitive and quite intuitive in nature, they are often very friendly and frank.

BIRTH DATES: 3, 12, 21 and 30
Numerology 3 is governed by Jupiter. Those persons who are influenced by Jupiter should avoid ego and be guided by self-intuition. They should work independently. Interference causes mental tension for them.
They have natural ability to express themselves in public and always make good impression. They have good writing and reading skills.

BIRTH DATES: 4, 13, 22 and 31.
Number 4 is associated with Rahu. Rahu is a shadow planet and is known for ups and downs and also wonderful deeds. People ruled by this planet are happy, but they don’t feel it, otherwise they are always worried about the diseases.
They are responsible, self-disciplined, honest and sincere, and have qualities of good organizer and manager.

BIRTH DATES: 5, 14 and 23
Their ruling planet is Mercury, they are talented, versatile, very good at presenting ideas.
They love travelling and often easily accept its surrounding, this make them very adaptable.
They are clever and analytic in nature but sometime a relentless in mind make them very impatient and they get easily bored from routine they follow.

BIRTH DATES: 6, 15 and 24
Number 6 is ruled by Venus. They should guard there selves against heart trouble.
They are very helpful, caring, and their degree of concern for others is very high.

BIRTH DATES: 7, 16 and 25
They are ruled by Ketu. This number stands for subconscious and magical will. Many friendships, ill temper, vociferousness and mental tension.
They are the Perfectionist, always original, Self-centered, self-obsessed and little stubborn
in nature.

BIRTH DATES: 8, 17 and 26
They are ruled by Saturn. They should avoid taking any kind of toxicants, this may lead to severe health issues.
They have good executive and judgmental skills. Idealistic by nature, they like to spend their time for a worthwhile cause.

NUMEROLOGY 9 = no alphabet for number 9.
BIRTH DATES: 9, 18 and 27
They are ruled by Mars. They are extremely sensitive. They should avoid impulsiveness and mental anxiety.
Number 9 adds tone of idealism and humanitarianism to their nature.
They are broad-minded, tolerant and generous also they are sensitive to other needs and feeling.
They are very sympathetic and compassionate.

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