Crystal Ball Reading


Have you ever walked past a window and thought you saw something just beyond your sight? Something that made you stop and look again, only to discover there was nothing there? This form of divination has connections to crystal ball readings where the reader asks a question, and the seer looks into a ball of glass to find answers to their questions.

It works by scrying, or gazing into the reflective surface, and placing oneself into a trance-like state in order to find images or other signs within the tool. This helps the user define current events, or predict future elements within the life of the reader.

Many cultures have used this divining technique of crystallomancy for several years, although the use is not strictly confined to crystal balls, as water, smoke, glass and even the clouds have proven successful in finding images that are translated into the answers to questions, or receive messages about the future. In Mormon cultures, these messages are said to come from God, and interpret the Bible to create a way of living that God himself wanted them to follow. They believed that their way of interpreting the Bible came from the Israelites, when High Priests carried crystals in order to administer guidance over the towns they governed.

Sometimes, crystal balls are often a form of derision in popular culture, with the use of charlatan fortune tellers at local fairs. These use the ball as a prop in order to create an illusion of magic to impress the viewer enough to part with their money, all the while pretending to use information as a means of telling the future. The most famous case of this is the scientist Dr. John Dee, who used a crystal ball for his divination. His assistant, Edward Kelley, is reported to have worked with obsidian and mirrors to create the illusions that the magician was predicting the future, although this has never been proven. The media however, have mostly given the crystal ball good reviews, showing beautiful and mystical women divining messages from a higher power in order to help those in direct need of assistance. Other times they use a powerful male using a crystal ball to give warnings about evil in the area in order to save the people.

Many followers of witchcraft have used or own a crystal ball for many reasons. The trance-like state helps soothe the mind of daily worries, and relaxes the body of stress. The images they see in the reflective glass can always be relied upon to answer questions they may have, give the connections to the spirits that offer their guidance from other realms, and also to ground themselves with their elements used in the divination ritual.

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